Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 5 Best Gold Charms For Valentine's Day

Telling your girlfriend or wife how much you love her is the whole idea behind the gifts given on Valentine's Day. If she has a collection of gold charms, finding the right gift will simply be a matter of doing some looking around online or at your local jewelry store.

Gold charm bracelets and charms in all types of couple themes are available, plus you can continue to increase her collection of charms for years into the future. Remember that more than one charm of one style is perfectly acceptable, and a bracelet of all one theme of charms is very stylish and elegant.


Hearts are definitely the most recognized symbol of Valentine's Day and they come in wide variety of styles. charms that feature lockets are wonderful, but so are heart charms with angels, Cupids, arrows through the heart and even traditional Claddagh styles of hearts to signify love and commitment. Heart representations that are very modern and more stylized match well with more traditional symbols of hearts.

Lock And Key Sets

Lock and key sets of charms are also a traditional favorite for many people, especially for Valentine's day. These charms often feature the lock in the shape of a heart, complete with a key that hangs as a duo of charms on a single ring. A key shaped charm with a heart and lock as the top of the key is a beautiful addition and looks elegant in a collection of various Valentine gold charms.

The Place We Met

Remembering the very special place where the two of you first met is a great idea for a love themed collection of charms. The vast majority of cities have their own charms, but you can also choose a specific type of building such as a library, church, museum or cafe. Engraving these charms with the specific date that you met will add to their personal message.

Places We Have Gone

For those couples that travel together, or even if you travel on your own for business, charms that depict these destination are wonderful gifts. Favorite vacation spots, romantic get-aways or places you are planning to go in the future can also be great ideas.

A Special Message

Adding a personal touch to gold charms by sending a personal message will make any charm even more special. Charms for bracelets that are perfect for engraving tend to be the disc shapes, since more text can be placed on the charm. Ornate edges and intricate designs on the charm can highlight the message and add to the beauty of the gift.

Gold charms are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day for So many reasons. If you have trouble finding gold charms in your area, shop early online for an almost unlimited selection.